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About Training and Placement

The training and placement team believes in motivating and edging our students to meet out the corporate expectations to explore the world of employment and new career avenues with the help of highly dedicated and passionate staff. JSREC has associated with top corporate firms and organizations in public and private sectors in the global level by visiting and having regular interaction with industry experts for placement process. The college has state-of-the-art facilities such as pre-placement talk, written tests, group discussions and interviews that make campus recruitment a pleasant experience.

Objectives of JSREC-TPC Team

Students aspire to bagged with dream offers to fulfil their parents dream

Great Logical Process

To promote career counselling by organizing conclave with corporate personnel

The objectives of JSREC-TPC team are follows

To proliferate our rural background students to consummate in the top-notch companies before the completion of their courses.

To fulfil the aspirations of bagged dreams of our students and their parents.

To promote career counselling by organizing various conclaves with corporate personnel’s.

To enrich the requisite training to students particularly in the areas of personality development and communication skills which are the major life coping skills in this present scenario.

To collaborate with industries for live projects, research works, workshops and industrial visits through our Barani Hydraulics expertise and client organization from multiple domains.

To indulge the student coordinators to facilitate the placement process and tackle the interviews with ease.

JSREC Provides a Diverse range of Opportunities through 

Leading core companies

Market leaders in blue-chip companies

Product based companies

E-learning companies

Internship/Industrial training’s with top corporate during their course period

An exclusive 3 months industry readiness training program is offered to our students through our placement cell in our own internationally reputed manufacturing establishments such as M/s. Barani Hydraulics India Private Limited (A Capital Machine Manufacturing Division) and M/s. Barani Ferrocast Private Limited (A High End Metallurgical Engineering Automated Foundry) which is a blend of high quality and innovation that drives a world class exposure for the blooming engineers.


JSREC offers unique platform to cater students with the required knowledge and skill sets through mentoring, coaching and industry related orientation programs, thereby paving way to the right destinations from various avenues of career prospects.

Our special features indulge-

  • Trainings offered by experienced faculties with industrial expertise
  • Trainings scheduled and incorporated in academic time table from first year to final year in different modules
  • Peer to peer learning to improve team work and cognitive skills
  • Conducting a regular mock interview (Technical/ General) and GD’s with corporate people as well as our Alumni during weekend to bridge the skill gap
  • 24*7 access with our Training and Placement team
  • Everyday 20 minutes drill session for newspaper reading to enhance the L-S-R-W skills
  • A company specific training will be conducted in frequent intervals with corporate experienced person

A special heed is taken care to groom for each and every students based on industry expectation

Training Activities

I YearGrammar refresher training
Motivational and corporate expectation
speech/alumni talk
II YearCommunication training/resume tailoring
Department specific value added course
III YearSoft skills and interpersonal skill training
Aptitude/logical ability coding training
IV YearEmployability training camp
Company-specific fast track training
External assessment mock interview

Placement Team

Placement Team

SL.NoName Designation
1Mr.N.Manoj-M.E.,Training & Placement Officer
2Mr.D.Malick John MBACommunication Trainer
3Ms.V.Roopa-B.E.,Verbal Trainer
4Ms.M.Dhivya-M.C.A.,Aptitude Trainer
5Ms.K.Kalaiselvi-Msc., MPhil.,Technical Trainer
6Ms.M.Vinupriya-BE.,Technical Trainer
7Mr.Tarunvigneswaran MBACommunication Trainer

Department Faculty Co-ordinators

SL.NoName of the FacultyDesignation
1Mr. V. Arivu Thiravida SelvanAP/CIVIL
3Mr.S.Karthik KumarAP/EEE
5Mr.J.Melvin JonesAP/MECH

Final & Pre-final Year Placement Student Coordinators List (Dept Wise)

Sl.NoYearDepartmentCo ordinators name
1IV YearCIVILNikesh S
2IV YearCSEBharathraj T
Kaviya N
3IV YearECEBalaji M
Keerthana B
Praveen. S
Dhanusha S
4IV YearEEENadish R S
Shanmathi P
5IV YearMECHMukilan R
Ramesh S
6IV YearF.THemavarshini K
Sathyamoorthi S
7II YearMBAHaripriya
8III YearAIDSM.Dhileepkumar
9III YearAIDSSathya sri
10III YearCIVILS.Dhanush
11III YearCSES.Jaisri
12III YearCSEN.Vignesh
13III YearECEC.Keerthana
14III YearECEV.Naveen
15III YearEEEV.Madhankumar
16III YearEEEK.Geetha
17III YearFTS.Sentamilselvi
18III YearFTG.Sanjay Prasath
19III YearMECHT.Jambukumar
20III YearMECHA.Asil Ahamed


Training & Placement Officer

Email : [email protected]
Contact: 95855 91404 / 86670 84594

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