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Salient Features

  • Department is equipped with well experienced and highly qualified faculty members.

  • It has separate block which includes state of the art laboratories and advanced library facilities.

  • We mould the youngsters to improve their communication skills through modern and efficient language lab to master the alien language.

  • Literary and debate club impart a platform to showcase and surpass the talent in various genre.

  • To write cohesively and coherently and flawlessly avoiding grammatical errors, using a wide vocabulary range, organizing their ideas logically on a topic.

  • A friendly ambience and approach is provided to the students for better comprehension and result.

  • Consistent mentoring system provides an escort and guidance to improve their abilities mentally and morally.

  • Regular interaction with parents enable them to have an upto date evaluation about their wards by the faculties.

  • Peer group system among the students infuses a sense of unity and healthy competition for better education.