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Security Services is made available in the campus. Magnified Security members are available in our college. We have surveillance cameras in almost all the areas inside the campus. We are very particular to take a wide care for our girls and boys. They are available round the clock. They keenly watch our student whole day. We ensure full security for the students inside our campus.

  • Security is available 24/7 in the buildings and also in the residences
  • Monitoring and controlling access to campus facilities
  • Tracking truancy and inappropriate student behavior
  • Pamphlets detailing emergency measures in place, such as phones, etc., are available at the Security Office
  • Emergency Telephones are available in remote building locations, parking lots and all other areas inside the campus.
  • Surveillance cameras are made available in main buildings, academic blocks, labs, canteen, hostel, parking lots and other places inside the campus.