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Jai Shri Ram Group of Institutions


     Management Studies in current scenario is multi fascinated and has its role in all fields. It’s our responsibility to groom the young, competent and employable professionals who can adapt to the expectations of organizations. The managers have to develop the needed skills to young minds with ethics, human values and environmental consciousness. School of Management Studies is an exciting place to learn and groom. It is a place where the thirst for knowledge fuels our destination. We are committed to educate business leaders by practical learning and giving Field visits, Inplant

training, Outbound training, Industrial visits, Case studies, Presentations and Mangement Development Programms. We have earned strong reputation based on our global research, innovative programmes and diverse perspectives on management and leadership. These specializations will give a competitive advantage when it comes to managing your carrier.

           Students are gathering good knowledge every year. Quality of management is the key resource any organization has and therefore the core attributes which should be cultivated in it. I believe that it comes from the organization’s values and performance orientation. If these are in place, the rest can be put together. As leaders in organizations, all present here today have a make or break role to play in this process in their organizations. The world is ours for making and taking. So let us make it and take it. The institution plays a role model, in imparting opportunities to students to develop and express their talents and mould them as responsible citizens to complete the present situations to achieve greatness.

I invite you to experience for yourself all that JSRSMS offers…