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Academic Zone

        A striking feature of JSRGI is the well-planned and comprehensive infrastructure provided for both students and faculty.

With the wide array of services JSRGI provides; everything is efficiently managed by the Institution’s Academic centers. Ranging from centres responsible for conducting exams, research facilities, social awareness creation centres to much more, these centres take a centre stage in creating awareness amongst students on the various things that are achievable in their college life.

Every effort has been made by the administration and other management boards to ensure that all students find JSRGI a very active, fun and resourceful place to spend their academic years. JSRGI strives to encourage, introduce and develop any and all activities to shape their minds. Through bringing clubs, chapters and college festivals, students are not only exposed to a competitive environment inside the institution but also with reputed institutions across the country and the world.

Class Rooms

            The classrooms are well designed rooms that incorporate everything needed for a pleasant learning atmosphere. The wide spacious classrooms contain a white board and also a projector that is used for teaching so a professor can switch to different modes of teaching as and when required so the teaching isn’t monotonous and the lectures are put across in the best way possible. This hi-tech equipment enables our faculty to conduct classes in a way that enable students to make use of every available resource from one point at the click of a button. These classrooms are also often used for seminars and events from time to time.