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About our Department

The Electronics and Communication Engineering Department started in the year 2009, offers a undergraduate course and a post graduate in Applied Electronics that is relevant to the future careers of our students. The Department provides fundamental and applied skills in engineering, computing and mathematics. This allows individuals with diverse backgrounds to enter, succeed, and continue the life-long learning process in their chosen careers. Students have enormous opportunities in the sectors like Telecommunication, Space research, Embedded based Automation industries, Networks & Communication and Information Technology. 

  • Vision

         To produce qualified and well trained students in the field of Electronics and communication engineering to light the needs of corporate world and to shape them into competent engineers filled with core knowledge as well as human standards and society values.


       To provide the need based technical education and encouraging Research and Development through industry interaction

       To impart quality and value based education to raise satisfaction of all stake holders & society.

       Encourage students to become self-motivated, problem solving individuals who can find and understand the knowledge needed to be successful in the profession.

Courses Offered


Course offered     Intake
B.E.         120
  M.E. Applied Electronics           18

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