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Women Development Cell (WDC):

           Women Development cell is as a facilitator for young women so that they are able to realize their full potential and exercise their active influence on society and its transformation.WDC of JSRGI has been started in the year 2012to support the development of women through technology and science.The motto of WDC is to educate & empower women who are with the skills & confidence necessary to get a job, maintain a healthy lifestyle & regain a home for themselves as well as their society. We envision a world without poverty in which women are empowered, uplifted & full partners in society. It aims in promotion, development and dissemination of knowledge regarding the role of girl students and women faculties. The cell organizes various training programs to create awareness about self-employment schemes for the encouragement of self- reliance among girl students and women. It provides the platform for the female students to explore their co-curricular activities with courage. The cell also aims to enhance understanding of issues related to women and to make the college campus as a safe place for women students.Guest lectures, book readings, slam poetry performances, movie screenings and “Let’s Talk” sessions are all tools regularly employed in an effort to reverse the whims of the centuries.  To achieve these ends, WDC and its members acts towards –

  • To create awareness of sexual harassment through guest lectures

  • To ensure protection of girls/women from sexual harassment studying/working in the premises

  • To redress the cases of sexual harassment if any 

  • To enforce disciplinary framework for students

  • To organize workshops, seminars and talks to convey the message of Gender Equality (Gender Sensitization Workshops)

  • To organize the gender awareness through posters/slogans/essay competition/screening of films/street plays

  • To organize the programs with other associations of the college such as Students council, Cultural Association, etc.

  • Help the women to break the cycle of poverty, through microfinance and diverse partnerships.

  • To advocate strongly for the Women Development.

  • Base our actions and decisions in knowledge and research, and educate ourselves and others about role of women in all fields and women development.

Activities Planned for the Academic Year 2016-17:
  1. Health Checkup Camp has been planned to organize in the month of January 2017.

  2. Workshop on Terracotta Jewelry Making has been planned to organize in the month of February 2017.

  3. International Women’s Day has been planned to celebrate in the March 2017.

  4. A Lecture on Self Employment for Women has planned to organize in the month of April 2017.