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"A library is the delivery room for the birth of ideas, a place where history comes to life"                                                                                 -  Norman Cousins

                Civil Engineering Department Library has plenty of resources with more than 1500 books, bound volumes of journals, UG and PG Students’ project reports etc., A wider variety of collections on subjects starting from Basic Civil Engineering, Building Drawing, Transportation Engineering, Irrigation Engineering, RCC Design, Environmental Engineering, Strength of Materials, Steel Structures, Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, Structural Analysis, Construction Technology and Construction Management are available. Certain original copies of books written by authors such as Karl Terzhagi etc are made available. The library also has various technical resources such as conference proceedings, Workshop Kits, Lecture notes from FDP, STTPs attended by our faculty members and students. Apart from the above, the library is also equipped with Audio Visual resources on CDs, DVDs etc. A fully functional language learning facility with multimedia projectors, headphones and audio visual equipment is available for the usage of students on daily basis which is useful in learning through video lectures. A complete collection of audio and video content including 4 TB of NPTEL content is made available in every computer so that the students can use it for additional learning. A full fledged reprography facility is also available for photocopying, binding the content obtained for further usage.

The library functions on all working hours to a maximum of 42 hours per week, the library usage and occupation exceeds 72% throughout the time.