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Our department offers the following consultancy and technical services to various agencies and companies through our research grade laboratories, some of the tests which we can offer are

  • Load test for any material
  • Non-Destructive test on concrete structures
  • Strength on Steel, Cement, Concrete, Strength of Aggregates
  • Concrete Mix design using Indian and ACI method
  • Pavement design using Indian standard procedures
  • Soil Investigation in Field & Laboratory
  • Water quality assessment, water quality estimation, heavy metals identification.
  • Hardness on metals and composites
  • Structural Design of buildings
  • Bitumen grade estimation, all Bitumen related tests
  • Layout preparation, leveling and contouring

Major consultancy works undertaken:

  • Structural Design and Detailing of buildings
  • Mix design for High Performance and high strength Concrete
  • Levelling, contouring and Traversing with Total Station and also road marking.
  • Strength characteristics of Steel, Cement, Concrete, Strength of Aggregates
  • Load test on concrete structures
  • Non-Destructive test on concrete structures
  • Pavement design (flexible pavement  and rigid pavement)
  • Strength characteristics of Soil  in laboratory
  • Soil Investigation on the field and foundation design
  • Bitumen grade estimation and Bituminous mix design
  • Estimation of water quality for Tirupur district and other nearby districts
  • Soil Bio engineering related project works
  • Soil profile estimation