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Jai Shri Ram Group of Institutions



           Engineering education has undergone tremendous change in its perspective owing to highly competitive and every changing scenario of the industry. It cannot confine itself to teaching and learning and generic pedagogical approach, instead it should transform itself towards active and productive learning. Practical content of learning should be much more than the curricula and syllabi requirement to meet the readiness of student to match the demanding need of industry and society. JSREC employs a special time tested approach in improving the slow learners and enhancing the performance of studious students.

          At JSREC we focus towards more practical oriented learning by providing opportunities to the students to take up internships in industries of our own and our client base. Student’s creativity is not nudged by conventional learning, rather it is given impetus for continuing achievements Various skills of students are nurtured through many clubs, cells and associations which serve as a platform to exhibit their talents.

           A structured preparation and mentoring is offered to the students from the first year till they dream job offer, a dedicated team  along with external experts provides the required inputs each year and makes the students to practice and groom themselves towards the requirement of campus recruitment drives.

          Students are given with opportunity to take part in consultancy and research activities carried by their respective departments and also in inter-disciplinary research works.

         Welcome to Jai Shriram Engineering College -  The gateway to the promising world of engineering.